Sadly, with summer coming to an end, so ends another season of the lyrically acclaimed Steve Madden Music series. But, on a brighter note, Neon Trees, the four member alt-pop band, tore the house down with their inspired performance.

Looking for something fabulous to do on Tuesday night? Want to indulge in delicious treats, delectable drinks and stylish shopping? Then head over to the I Like What You’re Wearing Style Through the Ages fashion event!

Nine West x Pamela Love = Amazing

By Liz Black, September 30th, 2012

Iconic shoe brand Nine West has teamed up with Pamela Love, the artistic jewelry designer, to bring you one of the most crave-worthy hybrid motorcycle/cowboy boots to ever grace Nine West’s shelves.

Runway Report: Erin Barr Spring 2013

By Liz Black, September 15th, 2012

Looking like a pool of oh-so-chic modern day Mad Men-esq secretaries, the models at the Erin Barr show sat, lounged, posed and played a friendly game of fashion tag. While the playful game kept the presentation moving, the real interest were the graphically-printed, impeccably tailored, feminine clothes.

Rent the Closet

By Liz Black, September 9th, 2012

Rent the Runway, the shopping site much beloved by frugal fashionistas, is now closer to you than ever before. During Spring/Summer 2013 New York Fashion Week, Rent the Runway has set up shoppable closets at four different W locations throughout NYC.

ANTONIO LOPEZ: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco

By Liz Black, September 2nd, 2012

After months of facebook teases of beautiful drawings posted by Mauricio and Roger Padilha, Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco is finally available for the masses. No fashion lover, (or coffee table), will be complete this season without a copy of the eye-popping style atlas.

Nine West Launches Channel 9

By Liz Black, August 24th, 2012

The oh-so-chic & affordable shoe company, Nine West, has dipped a toe (okay, a whole foot) into the digital age with the launch of their fashion-focused video-centric network that spans across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Angela Martini Dives In

By Liz Black, July 24th, 2012

Martini creates her versatile swimwear collection with desire to produce a product that exudes both sex appeal and wear-ability. Angela Martini Swimwear offers women customization in swimwear selection through mix-and-match tops and bottoms.

Let’s go get us a Pic-a-nic basket!

By Liz Black, May 22nd, 2012

lets-go-get-us-a-picnic-basketImagine basking in a sunny field in Central Park, sprawled out on a soft gingham blanket, sipping a glass of chilled rosé while you between nibbles of marinated olives. It could be just a dream, or, you could head to the West Village to the fabulous eclectic Italian Wine Bar and Kitchen, Zampa

Welcome to Spring with ROMYGOLD!

By Liz Black, March 19th, 2012

As Spring literally starts tomorrow, there is no better excuse to go shopping than a change in seasons. And since Spring represents re-birth, an abundance of color (both bright and pastel) is flooding back to stores in the form of dresses, skirts, tops, and most importantly— accessories.

Erickson Beamon Shows Us What Deca-dance Really Is

By Liz Black, February 10th, 2012

With beaded and bejeweled cocktail and slip dresses the collection evoked a wicked and opulent boudoir feeling, leaving you with the sense that you were witness to something decadent and naughty.

Time to Work up an Appetites™

By Liz Black, October 6th, 2011

Appetites™, the first step-by-step instructional video App for the iPad, is launching a re-imagined cookbook on your iPhone and iPod touch, bringing five star meals to any kitchen right in the palm of your hand. The App launches under Apple’s “New and Noteworthy” apps and is now available in the App Store.

Betsey Johnson Unveils Too Too, the Fragrance

By Liz Black, August 31st, 2011

While the birthday of a renowned fashion icon is enough of a reason to celebrate, everyone had gathered for another birth—of Too Too, Betsey Johnson’s newest fragrance.

Steve Madden Music Presents FreeSol

By Liz Black, August 24th, 2011

On Monday August 15th, 2011 Steve Madden Music held its third and final event of the 2011 Summer Concert Series with an exclusive live performance by Tennman/Interscope recording artists FreeSol, at Le Bain in the Standard Hotel, NY.

Odd Molly, best known for their comfortable yet feminine clothes, have just signed the extremely feminine Charlotte Kemp Muhl as the face of their Spring/Summer 2012 campaign.

Lako Bukia is a womenswear brand, which is trying to redefine the way the world sees femininity and sexuality. Due to a decade long pressure from the fashion world and show business representatives, femininity and sexuality are now widely perceived as being equal to wearing tight and revealing clothes. The women of the world forgot that there is something more exciting in the about the mystery of those type of garments which do not stress one’s body shape, and thus pointing to a more important side of a woman.

The Luxury Cocktail Collection with Greg Seider

By Liz Black, December 17th, 2010

Imagine you’re staying at a luxurious hotel- relaxing in a beautiful suite or perhaps basking in the rays by the azure pool, and you find your pallet is parched. You’re not about to signal the valet for a rum and coke, are you?


By Liz Black, September 21st, 2010

From stunning black & white portraits of some of the industry’s “It” girls, to an eerily beautiful film shown above a live classical music performance while plaster-cast clothed bodies danced in the wind outside, IMPROVD gave all those who attended the presentation something that they’re always desperately searching for: something different.

Mik Cire Reinvents the Wheel

By Liz Black, September 13th, 2010

Season after season, Menswear tends to either show a lot of similar things, (how many different variations can a lapel be?), or off-the-wall creations that almost no man would dare wear in polite company. But, instead of being bored or confused at the Mik Cire show, the audience was treated to masculine layering, tailored grunge and the invention of a new pant style for men.

Big Bambu

By Liz Black, July 20th, 2010

Big BambuBesides the breathtaking views and the reasonably priced food and drinks, (well, for New York City at least), the Metropolitan Museum rooftop is offering yet another reason to head up to the top: Big Bambu. This intense, ever-evolving bamboo structure is the creation of twin brothers Doug and Mike Starn, best known for their “See it split, see it change” permanent installation at the South Ferry Station 1 line subway terminal.

Dream Weaver

By Liz Black, July 20th, 2010

Brion Gysin: Dream Machine

Those with nervous disorders or photosensitive epilepsy may do best to stay away from the New Museum from July 7 until Oct. 3 thanks to Brion Gysin: Dream Machine.

Ghostly Visions

By Liz Black, May 4th, 2010

Edgy dance moves? Performances that cover, among other controversial topics, AIDS? Costumes designed by Project Runway alum Jillian Lewis? Read about our newest CITYist, Stephen Petronio of Stephen Petronio Company, here.


A New York dance fixture continues to stun audiences 25 years Later
Story by Liz BLack

From the ethereal costumes to the dynamic explosive moves of the Stephen Petronio Company dancers, Stephen Petronio has managed to not only cap a successful 25th season, but has also created another moving piece to add to his already impressive repertoire.

Petronio, choreographer for the Stephen Petronio Company, is well known for his edgy performance art-esq dance numbers that have shocked and moved audiences since 1984. He has received fellowships from Guggenheim, the New York Foundation for the Arts and the National Endowment of the Arts, as well as a New York Dance & Performance Award (Bessie) and grants from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists Award, National Endowment of the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts.

All About Yigal

By Liz Black, February 19th, 2010

‘Tis the season of slouchy, dark and asymmetrical, and Yigal Azrouël was not one to ignore the trends. His collection danced between cozy snuggable knits and sleek crisp pieces, allowing the consumer ample ability to dress their many moods. Yigal knows, sometimes you want to scream, “Notice me!” in an eye-catching poppy suede mini dress with an asymmetrical neckline and sometimes you want to swaddle yourself in a shin-length grey patchwork handkerchief hem knit cardigan. And sometimes you want to be bejeweled, (but only on one hip). [ . . . ]

Photos by Shaun Mader/