Beauty Spot: Restorsea creams

By Erin OKeefe, December 17th, 2012

The beauty counter at Bergdorf Goodman has made room for a new luxury skin care line. Only this one has something unique that the others don’t and Restorsea skin cream line is planning on changing the way we think of skin care. Created by Patricia Pao, Restorsea uses natural enzymes released by Norwegian baby salmon during the hatching process. This enzyme exfoliates without agitating the skin and enhances smoothness which is helped by the addition of Vitamin C and Brown Algae. Patricia has experience with exfoliants having introduced glycolic acid to the public through Avon’s Anew line. However, those with sensitive skin like myself wouldn’t dare touch glycolic acid and wouldn’t dream of exfoliating our skin. Patricia saw a need for us and set to work developing Restorsea. After using it for a week I noticed my tired, dry, winter ravaged skin basking in the thick and creamy texture. With a luxurious hand feel and serious weight my skin felt ready for a day out in the cold and stayed supple until I got home. After hearing complaints of breakouts from others who have used deliciously thick luxury creams I was a little skeptical, but I didn’t break out once. It’s definitely the best on the market for those of us who want to pamper our skin, exfoliate and revel in the glory of healthy skin.

Both creams can be purchased at and can be found at Bergdorf Goodman New York, NY (212) 753-7300