Crave: Brian Atwood Brigitte Platform Sandals

By Marisa Steinberg, July 9th, 2012

Brian Atwood Brigitte Calf Hair and Suede Platform Sandals; $1,085,

It recently dawned on me, while staring at the piles of clothes nesting everywhere in my apartment but on hangers, that I have accumulated an unsettling number of leopard print garments. Semi-sheer button down? Check. Cuffed skinnies? Of course. Chunky knit turtleneck. Regrettably, yes. While this subconscious addiction has left me well-equipped to blend in in the event of a feline take-over or crazy cat lady revolution, I remain short one critical piece in the collection: killer platform sandals. Luckily, Brian Atwood created these drool-worthy calf hair and suede heels that even non-cheetah enthusiasts will fawn over. Their tangerine platforms and turquoise trim make them perfect for pairing with silky beige pants or an LBD or, when those rare occasions arise, every other leopard print piece of clothing you own.