Eco-Fashion: A History Lesson

By Sharon Pizzola, May 3rd, 2010

Earth Day is over—and the green movement is still going strong. The Museum at FIT will be hosting “Eco-Fashion: Going Green,” an exhibition catering to the growing trend of combining fashion and environmental awareness. Featuring over 110 garments, accessories and textiles dating back to the mid-18th century, however, the exhibit not only examines the eco-obsessed designers of today, but the historical context that produced them.

Several environmentally friendly designers, such as Edun, Bodkin, FIN, NOIR, Yeholee and shoe label Charmone will be featured in the exhibit, which starts Wednesday, May 26th and continues through mid-November. “Eco-Fashion: Going Green” will examine the dyeing of textiles, the use of organic materials and the use of recycling in fashion, as well as anti-fast fashion and anti-animal cruelty techniques. With this collection, we think some designers could learn a thing or two.